Access to water and use of ports is valuable for any country. Having 5000 kilometers of coastline in the country on the one hand and the need to conduct engineering studies related to the coasts in the country on the other hand are strong reasons for creating this section in the establishment of the company.   With modern knowledge and international software, we facilitate the complexity of the study of marine phenomena, which is a requirement for the design of marine structures, and now, having the experience of dozens of large port projects in the country, we continue to make a serious statement. Being active in marine projects inside and outside the country.

  • Port structures, breakwaters, wharves,...
  • Comprehensive plan of planning and management of ports
  • Hydrodynamic and hydraulic studies
  • Land structures and facilities
  • Mathematical modeling of waves, deposition, heat diffusion and...
  • Marine geotechnical studies, land reclamation
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
  • Sea water inlet and outlet
  • Shipbuilding and dry dock

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