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Engineering, Consultancy and Project Management

Quality Policy

As a well-known and reputable group among the Consulting Engineering Companies working in the fields of Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures, Structural and Architectural Engineering, Water and Environmental Engineering as well as Energy and Industry, the Management and Staff of Sazeh Pardazi Iran Co. ensure the Clients to carry out the engineering services and project management with the highest quality by taking the following measures:

  1. To fulfill its obligations and providing efficient and effective engineering services in accordance with the Client’s requirements, based on professional ethics and relying on accumulated experience and knowledge of the Company
  2. Committed to international and local rules and regulations, and up to date knowledge and methods in the fields of engineering and management in order to improving the quality of the service
  3. Development and upgrading of human resources competence by using the innovative and modern management methods and necessary infrastructure to increase the efficiency of colleagues and work capacity
  4. Effective and fruitful communication with internal and global partners in order to create synergies and a more active participation in local and international markets
  5. Full understanding the needs and expectations of beneficiaries and their satisfaction within the framework of projects and organization’s strategies
  6. Development of the use of information and communication technology and the optimum use of infrastructure
  7. Creating and establishing the project management system within lifecycle of the projects to guarantee the project success and achieving the organizational objectives

Backed by expertise and experience of the staff, management of SPI Co. is determined to establish the quality management systems based on ISO9001:2015 and project management system based on ISO21500:2012, so that quality of delivering the engineering services and project management could be enhanced. Indeed, continuous improvement is aimed and also, superior goals together with high-level objectives of the projects are intended to be achieved by taking all risks and opportunities into account.


Managing Director

Masoud Zarringhalam

September 2019