Managing Director of Sazeh Pardazi Iran Consulting Co.

Masoud Zarringhalam

MD's Message

Sense of responsibility, commitment and consultants’ professional ethics, are the basis of our development within 28 years from establishment in 1989.

Our rapid growth over the years confirms this matter, and expresses satisfaction of our employers and considering their needs and interest in our services.

In order to meet the needs of employers, we have considered development, both in terms of internal and organizational, and from the perspective of engineering services. Depending on the time, with appropriate changes in the managerial structure of company, independence have provided to professional divisions in line with project and employers needs to provide new services.

Development is a permanent process in our company, and we will continue to grow together with our employers, local and international partners and societies. We are going to increase our presence in other countries. We will lead our efforts to gain more satisfaction of our employers, with the best engineering skills, advanced technical knowledge, capable staff, positive attitude and eagerness to accept challenges, and despite all the honors, will continue to endeavor for a better future.

M. Zarringhalam
Boards’ member, Managing Director