Sazeh Pardazi Iran whith more than 600 successfull projects

List of Projects

No. Project Title Client Location Date of Completion
001 Mokran Feed and Product Transmission Pipeline & Corridor Negin Mokran Development Co. Chabahar 2016
002 Tank Farm Mokran Petrochemical Negin Mokran Development Co. Chabahar 2016
003 Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) 3 Refineries POGC Assaluyeh 2016
004 OffSite & Utility Park Styrene Park Sanati Gohar Ofogh Assaluyeh Ongoing
005 Bitumen production unit Bana Gostar Karaneh Co. Bandar Abbas Ongoing
006 Ilam Gas Treatment phase II Iran Gas Exporting Co. Ilam 2016
007 Ships waste Water treatment Parsam Gostar Darya Bandar Abbas Ongoing
008 Darraloo copper mine and concentration Factory NICICo. Kerman Ongoing
009 Sungun copper complex condensation development NICICo. Songoon 2014
010 Sungun copper plant Acid & Oxygen Units NICICo. Songoon 2014
011 Sarcheshmeh Fertilizing Plant NICICo. Kerman 2014
012 Anodizing manufacturing Plant IRALCo. Arak Ongoing
013 Shahid Beheshti Port Loading Arms NIOPDC Chabahar Ongoing
014 Siraf Condensate Refinery export line & jetties EIED Assaluyeh Ongoing
015 OffSite & Utility 2nd Phase Petrochemical Complexes PIDM Co./Damavand Petrochemical Co. Assaluyeh 2014
016 Sirri LPG and Condensate Loading Facilities (EPC) OIEC Co. Siri Island 2012
017 Electrical Control & instrumentation systems phases 15 & 16 Sepanir Oil & Gas Company Assaluyeh 2012
018 Cooling system 2nd Phase Petrochemical Complexes PIDM Co./Damavand Petrochemical Co. Assaluyeh 2008
019 Cooling System MEHR Petrochemical Complex. MEHR Petrochemical Co. Assaluyeh 2009
020 IRAN LNG Cooling System Neir Pars Corporation. Iran Natural Gas Liquefaction Assaluyeh 2009
021 Cooling System Gasoline Production Plant PIDEC Bandar Abbas 2011
022 Qom II Gas Station Development Plan (EPC) Iranian Gas Transmission Company Qom 2015
023 South Pars gas field development phase 14- Water Intake MAPNA Assaluyeh Ongoing
024 Maadkoush Pelletizing Plant Maadkoush Co. Bandar Abbas 2015
025 Oil Production Storage tank Energy Tejarat SAM Co. Bandar Abbas Ongoing
026 Assaluyeh Export Jetty PIDM Co. Assaluyeh Ongoing
027 Supervision services in Damavand Petrochemical Complex Off-site National Iranian Petrochemical Company Assaluyeh 2011
028 Mehr Petrochemical weir Mehr Petrochemical Company Assaluyeh 2008
029 Seawater Intake Cooling System Morvarid Petrochemical Co Assaluyeh Ongoing
030 Bandar Abbas Oil Terminal Energy Karane Company Bandar Abbas Ongoing
031 Aluminum Industry Development Anode Manufacturing Plant IMIDRO Arak Ongoing
032 Rehabilitation of Kharg Oil refinery plants IOOC Kharg Ongoing
033 Qeshm seawater desalination MAPNA Qeshm 2013
034 Arg Shimi Parsa Layout of terracing and Guard structures Arg -Shimi- Parsa Company Assaluyeh 2012
035 Mokran Petrochemical complex cooling systems studies Toseah negin Mokran Chabahar 2015
036 Condensate strategic storage tanks 20 million barrels Jahad Darya Assaluyeh 2015
037 Electrical Control & instrumentation systems Phase 13 Petro Paydar Iranian Assaluyeh 2016
038 Mobin Seawater Intake Sadra Company Assaluyeh 2003
039 Land reclamation & Soil Improvement 2nd Phase Petrochemical Complex PIDM Co. Assaluyeh Ongoing
040 Land reclamation-Hormuz Urea Fertilizer Company Urea Fertilizer Company project Hormuz-DMC Assaluyeh 2015
041 Land Terracing and dynamic compaction Lavan Petrochemical Company Assaluyeh Ongoing
042 Land Terracing and dynamic compaction Kian Petrochemical Company Assaluyeh Ongoing