Chabahar - Sistan & Balouchistan Province - I.R.Iran

Shahid Beheshti Port Development


The Shahid Beheshti port of Chabahar is one of important crossroads of north-south Corridor of world trading. Development of Shahid Beheshti port of Chabahar is the most important regional infrastructure. The main parts of Shahid Beheshti port development plan in the phase I are as below:

  • Static Berm Breakwaters, length of 1,470 meters, weight of armour stones about 25 tones, crest elevation about +9.00m to C.D. and total volume of 1,588,000 Cubic meters
  • 15.8 Mm3 of dredging volume (300m width and 3km length of Access Channel and about 30 Ha of harbor area with dredging depth of -16.0m to C.D.)
  • 5,030m Dyke construction (about 1,310,000 m3) and about 203 Ha reclamation.
  • Two Container berths with length of 740m and the water depth -10.0m to C.D. (5615 concrete blocks and 134,000 m3 of concrete).
  • One multipurpose berth with the length of 284m and draft of -16.00 m to C.D. and also two berths with the length of 380 m and the depth of the water -14.0m to C.D. (3917 Concrete-block and 90,000 cms of concrete)
  • 119 Ha soil improvement in the level of +5.0m to CD.
  • 64 Ha landscaping with concrete blocks.
  • 12,500 m2 buildings (The entire offices, buildings, warehouses and workshops)

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Chabahar - Sistan & Balouchistan Province - I.R.Iran


2017 (Phase 1-A)